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I am Sheila Capers, the founder, and owner of Spotless, Inc. We match our 5-Star Housekeepers with clients throughout the Charlotte, NC area. Spotless Chats is a blog that is designed to be enlightening, informative, and funny, especially to individuals and families who currently have maid service or who are thinking about hiring a maid service. So, pleasant reading! 
Some Reasons Given by Clients for Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service

Spotless, Inc opened its doors in January 2011. Since that time, we have provided housecleaning service many thousands of times and clients have given us various reasons for hiring a professional house cleaning service. We have compiled their reasons into the 5 categories below:

TO IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF THEIR LIVES. Many senior citizens, dual career families, and career professionals cite this reason for this choice. Each group wants to use that time for other things.

TO REDUCE STRESS. Often, our clients are busy in high-stressed working or personal living environments and are unable to take on another responsibility.

TO IMPROVE OR MAINTAIN GOOD HEALTH. These clients realize that a clean, orderly, and sanitized environment is a contributing factor to good mental and physical health for themselves and their family.

TO ENSURE THEIR HOME IS OPTIMALLY CLEAN. Many clients know that they do not know how to clean. They don’t know which products to use or how to use them. They have pets and expect the professional maid service to know these things and expect that their maid service will clean their home to their high level of clean.

TO DO OTHER THINGS WITH THEIR TIME. These clients don’t want to spend any time cleaning. They don’t like doing this kind of work.

People hire professional cleaning services because they want a clean, orderly, and sanitized home environment. When someone else performs these tasks, in a way that pleases them, the quality of their life is improved.

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