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Trusted House Cleaners



About Our Trusted House Cleaning Service 

For more than 11 years Spotless has been trusted to provide its many clients in Charlotte, NC and its surrounding areas, a high quality house cleaning experience.

We offer a variety of house cleaning services in order to meet your unique house cleaning needs. Therefore, customizing service for you is at the center of what we do.

To help ensure that you are satisfied with the house cleaning service, we work at matching you with a  5-star professional house cleaner. This solo cleaner will take care of your cleaning needs. Oftentimes, it is the size of your home and the type of cleaning requested that will  determine the number of  service providers we send to your home. With our experienced, maid service we usually assign one service provider to take care of all of your house cleaning needs. 


Our House Cleaning Service Providers 

We work hard to ensure that each client receives the best house cleaning experience by the best cleaning professional.  With this in mind,  Spotless matches screened, experienced, independent house cleaning providers with homes and small offices throughout the Charlotte, NC area. Each cleaner receives an excellent living wage, creates their own schedules, and is treated like a professional.

In order for a professional house cleaner to be placed on our list of available cleaners, ideally, they must have, at least, 2 years of verifiable residential house cleaning experience and have received excellent recommendations from their former or current clients.

In addition, applicants must have had a successful background check,  a successful reference check, and have demonstrated that they have good customer service skills, and love to clean. We have found that these are the individuals that will please our clients, represent the profession well, and represent Spotless, Inc with dignity.

Once you are matched with a 5 – star, insured, cleaner, that same cleaner will be sent to your home for recurring service, as long as you are satisfied. We will  replace cleaners if you request us to do so.  Also, we will replace cleaners if the cleaner requests us to do so.


The Cleaning Services We Provide

Our basic cleaning services,  include: one time cleaning,  as needed cleaning service,  weekly cleaning service,  bi weekly cleaning service, or 4th weekly cleaning service.  We send solo house cleaners for these services in order to give you an opportunity to develop a cordial working relationship with your cleaner and not be flooded with a team of unknown cleaners each time your cleaning day arrives.

We also provide specialized cleaning services. These services include: after-construction cleaning, deep house cleaning or move in/move out house cleaning. For these services we generally send a team of 2 or 3. The square footage of the home and the complexity of the task, is, ultimately, what determines the number of house cleaners. However, for a small apartment we ususally send one skilled service provider.

Our insured, vetted, and skilled house cleaners love cleaning the Carolinas!





Stressed – because you have to scramble to prepare your home for unexpected guests? Call Spotless, Inc. Our house cleaners specialize in situations like this.


Want to improve the quality of your life – but cannot seem to find house cleaning experts you like, trust, and are consistent? Call Spotless, Inc.  We have seasoned, reliable 5-star maids.


Frustrated – because you know that there is a link between a clean, sanitized home or office with good mental and physical health?  Call Spotless, Inc.  We’ll  take care of your house, so that  you can concentrate on your busy schedule. 


Unable to find a  house cleaner you trust – to care for your home, your belongings, and your pets just like they were their own? Well call Spotless, Inc. We have the people who care.


5 - Star Rated

Love What They Do

Thoroughly Vetted

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Reliable, Dependable, Trustworthy


I hired Spotless, Inc to clean my condo. The appointment specialist was a pleasure to work with and explained everything to me including their scope of work. I had the most amazing house cleaner.  She called me on arrival and began working as soon as she entered my home. She did not stand around waiting for directions. She was respectful of my time and allowed me to continue working.  She changed out my wax warmers and arranged items on my countertops very well, and folded my laundry. The services were very affordable. Once she was finished she sent me a text notification and was on her way. I will be hiring them on a consistent basis. If you are interviewing companies, please consider them.



Thanks to Debbi, my apartment is clean and fabulous. I appreciate her attention to detail and open communication with me. Thank you for giving my home the love and attention it needs. Have a great weekend



My house has never been this clean! WOW!!! The crew was on time, professional, courteous, and friendly. I will continue to recommend Spotless to everyone I know!



I always receive great service!



One Time Cleaning

A one-time house cleaning service is a great help when preparing for special events, visitors, or just because.  We will send an insured, meticulously screened, 5-star house cleaner so that you can experience the relief our house cleaning service provides our clients.

Recurring Cleaning

Having a professional recurring house cleaning service tend to your home is how clients experience the benefits of done-for-you house cleaning on a weekly, bi-weekly, or fourth-weekly basis. This service provides you with same house cleaner, on the same day of the week, at the same time. Your home is cleaned the way you like. 

Deep Cleaning

A deep cleaning service is designed to remove the dust,the dirt, and the grime that has built up, often from 6 months to over a year and is often neglected during your maintenance cleanings. This is one of our specialty services. Schedule a deep cleaning service now and experience our magic.

Move Out Cleanings

A move in – move out house cleaning service is designed to relieve you of much of the stress associated with this life-altering process. Let Spotless, Inc do your move in and/or move out housecleaning service for you. We will relieve this stress. Call early to receive your preferred date.

Priority Cleanings

Priority housecleanings are quite a popular service. Clients desiring only a few areas of their home professionally cleaned usually select this cleaning service. Clients list their desired tasks, in order of their importance, and the Housekeeper works her way down the list.  This is a good way to sample our service, too.

Vacation Rentals

Spotless, Inc knows how to provide superb house cleaning service for vacation rentals and Airbnb’s throughout the Charlotte, NC area. In this industry, the reputation of vacation rentals depends, very much, on a reliable and skilled maid service. Spotless is able to provide this for you.



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