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If you are looking for light control and insulation, cellular shades are some of the most reliable window treatment options available. With honeycomb-shaped cells, these shades trap air between the room and the window, keeping room temperatures cool during summer and warm during winter. Ranging from blackout to light filtering shades, you can customize your cellular shades to suit your taste and preference. The unique honeycomb shape of these shades’ cells means that cleaning them is not as quick and easy as cleaning slat blinds. While cleaning your cellular shades might seem like an overwhelming task, it isn’t that hard to make them look brand new.

Want to keep your cellular shades in good shape? Here are quick tips for you.

1. Keep dust and dirt off your shades

Lightly vacuum your cellular shades with an upholstery attachment or dust them using a feather duster regularly to maintain appearance.

2. Wash off dirt and stains

If you are cellular shades are stained with dirt, you can use warm water mixed with a mild detergent to spot clean. Don’t use stain removers or bleach as they’ll remove the dye used to color the shades.

3. Keep your shades looking sharp

Cellular shades pleats are one of their most defining characteristics. To keep your shades looking good as new, always make sure that you wipe them properly. Gently wipe stained areas following the direction of the pleats to ensure they stay crisp.

4. Never let your shades stay damp

If your shades get wet (after spot cleaning), get a dry towel, and dab off any excess moisture.

5. Let dry

Adore your almost brand new cellular shades!

Ensuring your cellular shades always look good and clean is quite simple, as long as you follow the simple steps highlighted here as often as required. With proper cleaning and maintenance, your cellular shades can withstand the test of time.

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