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Housecleaners or maids are not professional

Reputable housecleaning services always hire professional house cleaners. They may not have attended college or graduate schools like doctors, accountants or lawyers but they fulfill the definition of a professional. 

 According to Webster’s Dictionary, the definition of a professional is a person who:

  1. Engages in one of the learned professions
  2. Receives a financial return for their services
  3. Exhibits a courteous, conscientious, and business-like manner at the workplace

There are many at – home moms who perform this work because the hours are suitable for them and many have degrees.  Others love this work because of the solitude of cleaning. They enjoy it. It’s therapeutic for them. Many workers like the challenge of turning a place around and love the sense of accomplishment they receive at the completion of the project. Senior citizens work in this profession to supplement their income and there are others who are not quite seniors but have retired from other vocations. So keep in mind that people who have decided to enter this line of work come from varied situations.

Housecleaners do not speak English

Most cleaning services in America have Housekeepers who speak English.  Granted, there may be some areas in America where finding English speaking housekeepers may be challenging, however, speaking English does not add to the skill of cleaning. Although I acknowledge the difficulty a client may experience trying to communicate their desires. However, there are many Housecleaners whose first language is not English and they are highly skilled and have an excellent work ethic. Please do not automatically eliminate workers because their first language is not English.

Treating your housecleaner respectfully, recognizing them as professionals in their own right, and showing gratitude for their service will help you maintain a long working relationship with your Housekeeper and for most people that is their ultimate goal, wouldn’t you agree?

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