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There are two camps when it comes to how a dishwasher should be loaded. One camp says that there are rules to how everything in the dishwasher should be loaded. Coffee mugs go here, glasses go there, butter knives go there and plasticware has its specific place. The other camp just picks up random dishes and loads them into the dishwasher in any spot available. Which team is right? Let’s take a look at the top tips so you can properly load your dishwasher.

What Is the Best Way to Load a Dishwasher?

There are several things that you should keep in mind while you are loading your dishwasher.

The first thing that you should realize is that each dishwasher is unique and has different loading patterns. To ensure your dishes are sparkling clean, read your manual and pay attention to how your dishwasher should be loaded. If your dishes will be sitting in your dishwasher for a while before it is run, you should pre-rinse those dishes.

Certain items like cast iron cookware should never be placed in a dishwasher. Make sure you know which dishes should never be placed in a dishwasher before you run a load of dishes. Before you load your dishwasher, you must know what should not be placed in the dishwasher.

Never stack your dishes because the sprayer will be unable to reach everywhere, and your dishes will not be thoroughly cleaned.

Plasticware should be placed so that they will not get knocked loose. If they become unsettled, they could get too close to your dishwasher’s heating element and melt.

Do not overcrowd the dishwasher because this can lead to dishes not being washed properly or items getting broken.

How to Load Silverware in Your Dishwasher

Many people assume that loading silverware into a dishwasher is a piece of cake. You just place your silverware in the basket, right? Not really, there is more to it than that.

For best results, mix forks, knives, and spoons to prevent your silverware from nesting.

Always place your knives downward with the handles facing upward to help avoid cutting yourself.

Silver-plated utensils, as well as stainless steel items, should be separated to avoid your silver from getting damaged.

How to Place Large Items in Your Dishwasher

Larger dishes like dishwasher-safe baking sheets, casserole dishes, mixing bowls, and pates should be placed on the bottom rack of the dishwasher. However, there are a few things you should be aware of.

The largest items should be placed at the back and the sides of the dishwasher. This set up ensures the water in the dishwasher circulates evenly.

Dishes should be loaded so that the dirtiest areas face the dishwasher’s sprayer.

Leave space between large items to ensure they are properly cleaned.

Never assume that an item is dishwasher safe because it is large or made of metal. Most nonstick cookware is not dishwasher safe and should be hand washed. It is essential to always read the care instruction of a piece of cookware before placing it in the dishwasher.

How to Load Small Items in Your Dishwasher

The top rack is where glasses, coffee mugs, and small bowls should be placed. We have some tips to ensure you maximize the effectiveness of your dishwasher.

Dishes should be placed between the tines of the rack rather than on top of the times. This helps prevent water spots.

Cups and mugs should be loaded at an angle with the inside of the mug or cup facing the sprayer to help avoid pooling.

Unload the bottom rack of your dishwasher first so that any liquid left on the top rack does not splash on your clean dishes.

Wine glasses should not be placed in the dishwasher because their delicate stems and globes are easily broken.

Plastic items should be placed on the top rack to keep them away from the heating element. If these items get too close, buckling and warping can occur.

Now that you understand the proper way to load your dishwasher, you may want to learn about more tips to help ensure your dishwasher functions properly. You should know how to clean your dishwasher because it will keep it functioning properly and ensure your dishes come out clean and shiny.

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