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The last thing that you want is for your clean house to be marred by your glass windows and tabletops to have smears on them, so it is very important that you learn what the best way is to get glass clean and enjoy the streak-free shine.

Using a streak-free window cleaner is the very best way to clean your glass windows. You can, of course, use a commercial cleaner, However, some of the solutions that you buy at the store will leave behind a residue.

Solution 1: Combine equal parts of water and distilled white vinegar
Solution 2: Two quarts of warm water and two tablespoons of ammonia
Solution 3: Two quarts of water and two tablespoons of dishwashing liquid

After preparing the streak-free window cleaner, the next thing you will need to do is decide which cleaning tool you are going to use. Reaching for a squeegee might seem like a natural thing to do but this method does require some finesse, and some fancy wrist action as well. The best method for cleaning glass tabletops or windows is by either using a microfiber cloth or coffee filter. Using the coffee filters or microfiber cloths, in the end, will be a little easier and will yield about the same streak-free shine that a squeegee that is properly yielded would.

In order to clean glass, mist your windows or tabletop with the cleaning solution you made. For windows, start at the top and then keep working all the way down until you get to the bottom of the window. After misting the glass, wipe the solution gently off of the glass using your microfiber cloth or coffee filter. If your cloth wipe or filter gets too wet, switch it out and use a fresh one. When you start to see some streaking, you will need to switch to a new wipe.

Moderation is key when washing glass surfaces or windows. If too much cleaning solution is sprayed on the glass, then you will end up with streaks. That is due to the fact that the extra solution needs to go someplace, and your microfiber cloth or coffee filter will not be able to absorb all of the excess liquid. This will result in you smearing your cleaning solution – along with dust and dirt – all over your windows, instead of wiping it off of the glass.

After you are done, give the glass surfaces or windows a once over in order to make sure there are no smudges left. If there are any, don’t panic. Just use a microfiber cloth or dry coffee filter to buff them out quickly.

That is all there is to it to determine the best way to clean your windows or glass surfaces.

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