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You may clean your shower and your bathroom on a regular basis, yet when was the last time that you cleaned your plastic shower liner or curtains? If you do not clean this item very often or you have never cleaned them. You may have been under the impression that you can’t clean a plastic shower curtain, which is probably the reason why you just buy new ones when they start looking dirty or show up signs of soap scum buildup

Yet, it is actually very easy to wash a plastic shower curtain. Here are a few tips you can use to keep your shower curtains clean and do away with having to replace them every couple of months, which is a real waste of money.

1. Pretreat The Shower Curtains

A pretreatment can really help you to prevent the build-up of products such as soap scum.

When you buy new curtains, first run them through a rinse cycle in the washing machine using a small amount of distilled vinegar. Make sure the rinsing water is warm and not hot as this could melt the curtains inside your washing machine.

Once the cycle is finished hang the curtains outside or back on their rod so that they can dry. This pretreatment will help your curtains to stay soap-scum free for longer.

2. Tips On Washing Your Shower Curtains

There are 2 ways you wash plastic shower curtains, and both methods are fairly simple.

Method One

Throw your curtains into the washing machine making sure you only use the warm setting. Combine warm water with baking soda, vinegar or use a laundry detergent that is gentle. Choose one of these options and avoid mixing these ingredients together. You want to avoid a chemical reaction from occurring in your washer. Once the cycle is finished hand the curtains out to dry.

Method 2

You can also choose to wash the curtains by hand with a clean microfiber cloth and some baking soda. First dampen your cloth, followed by sprinkling a thin layer of baking soda over the curtains. Now scrub the baking soda into the curtains. Rinse the curtains using warm water making sure you go over stubborn water stains and soap scum patches. Rinse the curtains one final time before you hang the curtains up to dry.

How Often Should I Be Cleaning My Plastic Shower Curtains?

Keep in mind that you probably come into close contact with your plastic shower curtains on a daily basis. Ideally, these curtains should be washed thoroughly at least once every month. The process to clean these curtains will not take you long and this will contribute towards a cleaner and more hygienic bathroom. Keeping your shower curtains clean will also slow down the growth of mold and mildew, which is a common problem in bathrooms.

Keeping these curtains clean will ensure that soap scum doesn’t build up, while mildew is an entirely different story. If you start to notice mildew in your bathroom and on your curtains, there is no need to worry. Use the above-mentioned cleaning tips to remove the mildew to keep your shower curtains clean and fresh. It is best to tackle these signs as soon as you notice them to ensure the environment in your bathroom remains sanitary and hygienic.

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