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Below is a guide that covers how frequently you should be replacing or cleaning the tools that you are using to wash your dishes.


Perhaps the biggest culprit for the buildup of bacteria would be kitchen sponges. Determining the ideal time to replace these sponges is going to depend on how frequently you are using the sponge to wash your dishes. If you are washing dishes every day, you should replace the kitchen sponge every month.

Sticking to this frequency, make sure you are replacing your sponges after at least 30 uses. To keep your sponge as clean as possible between replacements, wash the sponge in your dishwasher every time you are running a cycle. If you do not own a dishwasher, soak the sponge in bleach and hot water to remove residual bacteria.


Dishcloths or cloths need to replaced after 30 uses or every month. Sponges may be known for being susceptible to germs and bacteria, yet a dishcloth is usually equally as bad. Cloths and sponges both share warm and moist environments which are perfect for the growth of bacteria.

The reasons for choosing a cloth over a kitchen sponge have nothing to do with hygiene, yet it is far easier to wash dishcloths than it is to replace a kitchen sponge. To keep your dishcloths clean, all you need to do is wash them on a hot cycle in your washing machine.

Make sure you use hot water and bleach to ensure your dishcloths are germ and bacteria free. It is also a good idea to eliminate bacteria by exposing your dishcloths to heat. You can either hang them in direct sunlight or run them through a dryer.


Out of all the dishwashing tools, the brushes are usually the more hygienic choice. The brushes are much easier to keep clean and they dry faster which makes these tools less susceptible to bacterial growth. It is easy to keep them clean by running them through a dishwasher cycle provided they are dishwasher-safe.

Other methods include soaking the brush in a solution of vinegar and rinsing the bristles under hot water. This assists with loosening remaining debris and will kill off any bacteria. When necessary, use an object like a fork to remove particles that may be trapped in the bristles.

Keeping Your Cleaning Supplies Clean

Using these easy methods and making sure you replace your tools for washing dishes when you should, will result in a healthier and happier kitchen environment.If you use professional home cleaning services, make sure that the tools they are using are new and clean for every client.

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