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If you enjoy organizing your closet, the following ways you can get a system created that works the best for you:

  1. Go with a custom option

No matter what your living situation is like currently, custom built-in cabinetry will help you stay organized all year long and maximize your available space. With you have a good amount of storage, it will result in your belongings staying accessible and nicely organized.

  1. Get rid of unnecessary items

Get rid of any items you don’t need now that your custom closet system is in place. How often have you stood next to your closet and thought, “I don’t have anything to wear?” Everyone does this and goes out and purchases more clothes and the back of the wardrobe ends up being neglected.

  1. Light things up

When it comes to closet design, lighting plays an important role. To make all of the contents of your closet completely visible, get a combination of various energy efficient options integrated including a touch dimmer and LED strip lights, along with drawer sensors and under-mounted shelf lights. When you have efficient closet light it will result in your wardrobe being in full view in the mornings and evening which is when you use your closet the most.

  1. Group your clothing

Grouping similar things together can be very helpful when you are getting your closet organized. You can group your clothes by color or by category. Make sure to put the clothes that you wear the most frequently in the front part of your closet. That way you will be able to see your entire wardrobe and check to see if there are any items that you want to get rid of.

  1. Rack your shoes

Having all of your items displayed neatly is very appealing. This is especially true when it comes to your shoes. Think about installing some wide slanted shoe shoes to easily access your shoes. That way you can quickly identify and then grab your favorite pair and be on your way.

  1. Hang everything up

Adjustable rods and racks have been designed with style and convenience in mind to make your life easier. Fixed hooks can be very useful for hanging up clothes that you are planning on wearing later on in the day, or you can hang up items on the hooks that are not necessarily completely dirty or clean. When other accessories and hooks are combined it can provide your space with even more value.

  1. Select the right door

Finishing your custom closet off with sliding doors is very functional and sleek. This modern design solution can be used to beautify, hide, or divide any part of your house. They come with aluminum door frames that are lightweight, sturdy and smooth, which makes it very easy to close off or access your belongings and save a lot of space at the same time.

Your local Spotless Inc can help with your next organizing project. Talk to any one of our experts, call now!