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Many people don’t realize that there are many chores that can be done in 10 minutes or less. In these idle 10 minutes of time, you can quickly scroll through your social media, or you can get rid of a few chores on your list. How effective are you at managing your time?

1. Clean Your Ceiling Fan

The blades on your ceiling fan probably need to be dusted. Grab a baseball cap and put it on and then you get out your stepladder. Wipe each blade off with a duster. Do this about once every other season.

2. Clean Out The Garbage Disposal

Simply grab some ice trays (two or three) and dump the ice into your garbage disposal while running cold water. Turn the disposal on and let it break up the ice. Continue running water for another minute after the last ice cub is gone. Do this each month.

3. Refrigerator Coils

Every three to six month clean the refrigerator coils. Simply unsnap the grill and clean them out with the vacuum hose. You’ll be vacuuming out dirt, hair and anything else that got under there.

4. Change Or Empty The Vacuum Bag

Quickly turn the vacuum on and make sure that you’ve sucked up the debris in the hose or unit itself. Then empty the dirtbag or filters accordingly or change them out. If you do have a disposable bag, use duct tape to seal the opening off and prevent any debris from re-entering your home. Better yet, do it outside. Rinse all filters out while you’re at it and allow them to dry. Then put everything back together. Do this every month, more often if you have kids or pets.

5. Rotate Your Bed Mattresses

Next time you change the sheets, rotate your bed mattress. As long as the sheets are off, you should probably vacuum it as well. rotate it from head to toe so that it will wear evenly. Do this at least every six months.

6. Change Your HVAC Filters

Every two to three months change your furnace filters, especially during colder months when you’re using it more. Follow the directions of the arrows on your filters. If you can’t change them, vacuum them out and make sure to replace them properly.

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