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If you’re like a lot of folks, you probably were raised being told that is was totally necessary to do a deep home cleaning every time the spring season was upon you. However, just what exactly is spring cleaning? And where did it come from? Keep reading to learn how spring cleaning started, and then check out a useful list which can help you handle the task as well as the professionals do.

How Exactly Did The Idea Of Spring Cleaning Get Started?

Before there were humidifiers and vacuums, spring cleaning happened following a long winter of the home being closed up. Imagine it. Windows and doors were shut really tight, and homes got heated using wood fireplaces.

Additionally, this cold weather wound up making it hard to even impossible to clean certain items which had to be cared for only outdoors, like rugs and bedding. So, once spring thawed the world, it was the ideal time to open those doors and windows so that fresh air could come in, and residents could scrub out all their home’s grime, grit, ash, and soot.

What Does Spring Cleaning Mean For The Modern World?

Even given the advances involved in housekeeping and heating, chances are good that you ride out the winter with a home that’s sealed up really tight. That’s unless you happen to live in a really warm climate. Anyone living in particularly cold or snowy regions might even see more dirt getting tracked thanks to slush that’s on boots, pine needles, fallen leaves, and the like.

Even though homes have a lot more filters and vents now, it would still seem that there are special layers of grit in winter that just accumulate during the colder months. Also, spring is a nice time, in general, to open the windows and start chasing the dirt, dust, sweater lint, and musty winter smells right out of your home after they spent the season in your rugs and curtains.

So, even though the age of modern living has wound up eliminating the need for much deep home cleaning that pioneers and homesteaders had to do, a lot of people to this day associate this season as being the time to tidy up their homes, get their yards spruced up, and free their homes of negative winter vibes. Above all else, their housekeeping can get a fresh start.

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