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Spring cleaning season is officially a go, and we are here to offer some expert advice to help you kickstart your cleaning! At Spotless Cleaning, we want you to understand the ins and outs of using certain tools, which is why our helpful checklist below can take the guesswork out of simple chores. Why do some tools rank better than others? Take a look at our explanations below, and you may be surprised at some of our recommendations!

Microfiber Cloths Or Sponges?

Household sponges are germ magnets, and that’s the case even if you feel like yours has been rinsed or smells clean. Your sponge is likely swimming in bacteria, but unless you have a microscope, you won’t be able to see them. Microfiber cloths are a much better and healthier option in more ways than one. They are dry and the fibers are able to attract and pick up dirt, lint or even hair. When your cloth starts to look dirty, you can throw it in the washing machine to clean and disinfect. The best course of action is to wash your cloth before and after your spring cleaning.

Vacuums Or Brooms?

Brooms are found in abundance in every household, but they yield virtually no benefits. They push dirt around and sweep up a dust storm that releases allergens. For this reason, we highly recommend choosing your vacuum cleaner. Before you use it, however, some quick maintenance is in order. After all, there’s a good chance your vacuum has been stored for some time. Taking these extra steps ensures better performance and superior suction.

-Clean off your roller brush and remove lint

-Replace your HEPA filter

-Change out your vacuum bags

Steam Cleaners Or Floor Cleaners?

Most floor cleaners promise to deliver high quality performance and do everything you need it to, but we guarantee that it will never be as thorough as a steam cleaner. Due to the high temperatures steam cleaners can heat up to, they kill bacteria upon contact. Plus, they are perfect for removing tough stains from vinyl and tile flooring. You should especially explore this option if your family was hit hard with the cold or flu season.

Disposable Toilet Wands Or Traditional Brushes?

Most people never think about the duty of a traditional toilet brush. However, if you really start considering how much dirt, grime and bacteria can build up on a brush after single use, you may rethink how you feel about them. These brushes are icky and unsanitary, and they house the gross stuff without ever getting washed. Disposable toilet wands are the best option. Many of them contain disinfecting agents and they are easily disposed after single use.

DIY Or Brand Name Glass Cleaner?

Vinegar and rubbing alcohol are superior glass cleaning solutions easily made at home. Professional brand name cleaners usually contain harmful toxins and make it hard to actually clean anything.

Are you running out of time for spring cleaning? Don’t take a chance with the cleanliness and safety of your home! A nearby Spotless Cleaning can help you clean effectively with minimal effort. Plus, professionals are guaranteed to use pristine cleaning tools!

You can get a free estimate right here and apply these quick cleaning tips at home:

-Use fewer products

-Create a routine

-Stay Organized

Spotless Cleaning Services has the professionals you need for additional help. Talk to our experts today, give us a call!

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