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There are several misconceptions about house cleaning services. Some families are concerned about the type of cleaning supplies used. Others are concerned whether or not they will really get their monies worth. Spotless Inc. would like to separate the fact from the fiction and dispel any misconceptions about cleaning services.

Only the rich and self- indulgent use cleaning services. Most of our clients hire us because they are too busy to clean. Many don’t want to spend their extra time cleaning. Some of our clients are unable to clean due to a physical ailment and then some of our clients are uncertain of how to clean some areas of their home.  

It’s too expensive. When you call the office or email us and ask for an estimate. If the estimate you receive is more than you anticipated, see if the cleaning service could put together a package that is within your budget or very close to it. I think most cleaning services try to accommodate the needs of clients. To make this happen they may have you make a list of the areas that must be done, which may eliminate other areas and keep costs within your budget.  

There will be too many strangers in and out of my home and that makes me uncomfortable. Cleaning services differ in their approach to housecleaning.  Some companies send a team of two, others send a team of three, and there are some companies that send four housekeepers to an assignment.  Spotless sends one maid to a home. You will see the same Housekeeper on the same day of the week at the same time of the day because we understand how important consistency and privacy is to our clients. We will send more than one Housekeeper when the square footage or the type of project requires it. 

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